Tale As Old As Time

What better way to celebrate your special day by incorporating your favorite Disney film into your shoes as you walk down the aisle and dance the night away.

Doctor Who Theme Wedding Shoes

So.......... how do you customise a pair of shoes where you still want them classy and elegant but you want them to reflect your personality, your theme and yes, your fandom life following a particularly awesome British institution i.e. Doctor Who? 

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Wedding Flowers Galore

Painting flowers on a pair of hand painted wedding shoes seems to be all the rage lately - especially gerberas! In the space of two weeks we have painted gerberas onto two pairs of bridal shoes for two of our brides. 

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Na Na Na Na Na Na Batman! Wedding Shoes

Alternative weddings and personalised wedding accessories go hand in hand because I imagine it must be very hard to buy some of the big wedding things, like dresses and suits that reflect your alternative theme