The Song for Your First Dance as Man and Wife is One of The Memorable Moments From Your Wedding.........

First song moments are hard to document as it often happens at the beginning of the night when your photographers has packed up the day and all you have is dark or grainy pictures guests have snapped with their phones. So how could you capture that memory for years to come when you think on your special day? We are biased of course but here's one answer to that question - Why not have the lyrics from your first song painted on your wedding shoes?! 

Lyrics painted on a pair of Rainbow Club wedding shoes

I've been to many a wedding. You get to a certain age where it feels like you are going to a wedding every weekend of the summer but I do love a good wedding and get all smooshy and loved up when I watch the first dance between the happy couples. I can take or leave the first kiss at the alter, I can appreciate a good speech from the groom when he tells us all how much he loves his bride - but the one part of the wedding which my eyes may well up at is the first dance. I don't know why, I just do! 

I know how difficult it must be to chose the perfect wedding song so when you do it's got to be - well perfect! And it's a big thing chosing your wedding songs so much so we often paint the lyrics our brides take to the dance floor to as a little momento from the day. We have hand painted lyrics from The Kings of Leon to Metallica. 

The shoes featured here also wanted to incorporate their strong ties to London hence the London skyline custom painted along the shoes with the London eye and Big Ben.

The shoes were painted in a pinky coral colour and also a light grey for the bricks of the wall with 'I Do' painted on the back too. 

Pink roses painted onto a pair of bridal shoes for a London bride

Lyrics painted on a pair of hand painted wedding shoes 

Roses and London skyline custom painted onto a pair of brides shoes

Names and date painted on the wedding shoes for the bride and groom getting married in London 

'I Do' Hand painted customised wedding shoes

Ivory Rainbow Club wedding shoes hand painted with illustrations