Horse Mad Hand Painted Wedding Wedges

Wedding wedged shoes seem a more comfortable option for your wedding to keep those pretty feet of yours happy throughout your special day. There must be some sort of science behind wedges versus spiky heels but I'm not a scientist I'm an artist!

These hand painted wedding shoes for a bride in Australia are just as dainty and pretty as any spiked heeled shoes a bride has sent us and look closely! - there's even a heart shaped hole in the wedged heel too.

The design for the brides wedge shoes was simple, flowers and horse portraits as well as the ever popular names of the bride and groom on one side of the bridal shoes and the date of the wedding on the other shoes, all hand painted in purple script. 

What was different about these shoes was the size of them and also the heart cut out of the heel. I take a UK size three shoe too so most of my shoes are as dainty as this pair of wedding shoes however painting on them was completely different because of the surface area, especially as there is a bow on the side of the wedges too. 

Everything had to be smaller and even more delicate. I feel we achieved this with these shoes. The purple / lilac flowers added a subtle contrast against the vivid green of the leave and I feel also complicated the soft browns of the hearses encased in a heart. 

Another first for us was the horses paint inside of love hearts on each bridal shoe. We managed to paint these in the wedge heel too to show our brides love of horses. The bride and groom work with horses and was such a gorgeous addition to the shoes to truly personalise them for the couple. 

Something else to note is we are already receiving orders for wedding shoes to be painted next year, which is fantastic! It's always a true compliment and humbling to be asked to be a part of a brides special day. More and more brides are asking for different things to custom paint onto their bridal shoes and of course we are as accommodating as possible. Horses? Dog portraits? Cats? Rabbits? lots of pet portraits galore for next year! Also flowers a plenty and more obscure yet amazing requests like leprechauns and welsh dragons. 2016 is shaping to be a great year! If you would like to speak with us about your 2016 wedding we would love to hear from you! To avoid disappointment get your consultations and orders in as early as possible. ~


You can contact us at the email address ~ shoes@gemmakenward or you can click on our enquire page on this website. Thank you so much for reading! ~ Gemma x