Calling all Disney Fans! Check These Wedding Shoes Out!

Hand Painted Mickey and Minnie Mouse Disney Bridal Shoes

As soon as someone says Disney immediately you think of Mickey and Minnie Mouse. So as soon as our bride said Disney I hoped she would ask for Mickey and Minnie Mouse to be hand painted onto her wedding shoes and she didn't disappoint! The bride even asked for her clutch bag to be painted with the theme too!

The bride is getting married on New Years Eve hence the fireworks hand painted on each of the bridal shoes too. 

Minnie Mouse is by far my favourite Disney character, so much so I wore  Minnie Mouse costume for a fancy dress party recently. The red, white and yellow colours  which is affiliated with the characters is a colour match made in heaven, especially when you throw in the red and white polka dots too. 

The customised bridal shoes are a simple design but simple speaks volumes when you have such a great Disney theme with nicknames of the bride and groom, the date of the wedding and the fireworks too. Why over complicate things when it comes to Mickey and Minnie! 

Hand Painted Wedding Bridal Shoes

Personalised Disney Wedding Shoes 

Hand Painted Mickey and Minnie Mouse Disney Wedding Shoes

Hand Painted Brides Shoes with Fireworks and a Disney Clutch Bag

Personalised Disney Bridal  Shoes