Have you seen these Disney Fairytale Princess Wedding Shoes?

These shoes painted for a bride in Canada are not to be missed! The bride loves all things Disney and her husband to be contacted me asking us to hand painted his beautiful brides wedding shoes for him. 

As you can see from the photos of the bridal shoes here the design was very bespoke and specific. Paul and Shannon had a clear idea of what the shoes wanted to look like and we all worked together to get them perfect. 

First and foremost Cinderella had to be painted on the heels of the wedding shoes and what does everyone relate to Cinderella? Her glass pumpkin carriage of course. I wanted to add that to the design and Paul and Shannon asked for Mickey and Minnie Mouse ears silhouettes to be included complete with the iconic ears and polka dot bow. The Disney castle was also a must and Tinkerbell had to be on there somewhere zooming along the length of the brides shoes with fairy dist in her wake. 

Finally but certainly not least we painted some purple flowers to bring the whole sketch together. 

These are by far the trickiest shoes I have painted to date and the hours pouring over the designs and concentrating very hard to get every single element perfect when painted paid off. I'm in love with these shoes and am so proud of them. Paul and Shannon were thrilled too: 

"Hello Gemma, Shannon received the package, she's very happy with them, they look great! Money well spent :-) Job well done! Thank-you again and will speak soon, Paul."

If you look closely you can see the pumpkin hand painted on the front of the wedding shoes

Hand painted Disney Princess wedding shoes

Custom painted bridal shoes with purple flowers and a Disney Theme. 

The design in the background mirrors the Disney Cinderella theme of the shoes. 

The brides shoes were brought together with painted purple flowers and light blue lettering. 

Customized Cinderella wedding shoes

Disney Fairytale painted bridal shoes 

Tinkerbell has been painted on the wedding shoes, can you spot her? 

The Mickey and Minnie Mouse ears painted onto the backs of the shoes accentuated the Disney theme for the wedding. 

Personalized purple flowers on the wedding shoes 

Disney Cinderella wedding shoes

Hand painted bridal shoes with Tinkerbell, Cinderella, the Disney Castle and much much more!