Doctor Who Theme Wedding Shoes

Doctor Who Shoes Wedding Shoes Complete With a Blue Tardis and Galaxy. Even the stars are dotted with diamantes. 

It feels like just recently we have had lots of shoes we have painted with very specific themes. Las Vegas themed shoes, Irish theme shoes, musical note theme shoes and so on. Of course every wedding has a theme whether it's loosely themed on a colour, or an idea, or a full blown theme which adorns the wedding throughout the day. So.......... how do you customise a pair of shoes where you still want them classy and elegant but you want them to reflect your personality, your theme and yes, your fandom life following a particularly awesome British institution i.e. Doctor Who? 

We painted just the backs of the shoes and the heels of course! The Tardis on these brides shoes is vivid and striking however if you view the shoes from the front you would never know of the quirky artwork on the backs of the heel. Perfect, I think for a demure wedding dress and for a pair of bridal shoes with an edge.

The bride who commissioned us to paint these shoes is a die hard Dr. Who fan. She has Doctor Who tattoos or Darleks and various Doctors throughout the ages. The tattoos are stunning and I can't wait to see the pictures of her in the shoes as they will go together so well. 

 I'm also quite proud of the galaxy of stars in the background, which shimmer in the light with added diamantes dotted into the nights sky to make the wedding shoes really pop. 

Silk Rainbow Club Wedding Shoes hand painted with a Tardis and a galaxy for a Doctor Who themed wedding

Doctor Who Tardis Shoes with the orginal draft of the brides wedding shoes in the background 

Doctor Who Wedding Shoes with a galaxy and everything!