I also personalise clutch bags for weddings too!

Hand painted black and white wedding shoes

"Where do you put your lipstick on the big day?"

"Where can you stash that chalk all the wedding blogs recommend you have on hand in case of wedding dress spillages?" 

"Where will my money and bank card go?" (You may not need it as your guests will probably keep you in drinks all night but what if you need some cash?)

"What do I do if I get a prosecco headache mid afternoon at the reception? If only I had some paracetamol!"

The father of the brides pockets aren't big enough for a phone, makeup, chalk, tissues, etc etc etc! So where are you going to keep all your 'stuff' close to hand. Of course you can appoint a bridesmaid that can have everything to hand or even keep it behind the bar at your reception but is that practical? 

These are all questions I have asked myself and one of our brides came up with the perfect solution. Well, I suppose it's not rocket science to think of taking a clutch bag for your wedding day but she made it extra special by asking me to hand painted clutch bag to match her shoes. Genius!

We painted the brides clutch bag with black and white gerberas to match the brides flowers. We also painted her wedding shoes to match the bag too! 

Black and white hand painted wedding clutch bag
Black and white personalised wedding evening bag