Are you a run of the mill bride or are you going to walk on the wild side down the aisle?

Hand Painted yellow, blue and green wedding shoes with diamonds/diamantes and skulls wedding shoes  

In all of the time I've spent painting wedding shoes for all my wonderfully diverse and gorgeous brides I've not once been asked to paint skulls on a pair of shoes. Perhaps it's not a typically wedding theme yet skulls have been very fashionable in the last few years or so especially in shoes. Iron fist more or less based their whole shoe line and branding on skulls adorned with neon colours or diamonds, occasionally both! 

Customised bridal shoes personalised with skulls and sunflowers in sunshine yellow

Ever since Damien Hirst encrusted a skull with excessively expensive diamonds (which actually reached £38 Million at auction!!! Wowzers!!!) it seems the trend has become more popular than ever. The featured pair of shoes within this blog included both skulls, diamonds/dismantes and sunflowers as well as core flower blue bluebells. It was so much fun to finally be painting skulls on s pair of shoes I fully embraced the idea and made the designs as pretty yet contemporary as possible and here is the result.

Personalised shoes with a rock n roll feel for the bride.

I was also asked to paint lyrics on the underside of the souls which of course customised the shoes even more. I love them and I hope you all do too. 

Hand Painted wedding shoes with bluebells, sunflowers and skulls 

Court shoes for a wedding hand painted with personalised sunflowers, bluebells and skulls 

Personalised bridal shoes for a bride with flowers and skulls, adorned with diamonds / diamantes 

Custom painted wedding shoes illustrated with skulls, diamantes and sunflowers for a bride in the UK