Personalised Wedding Shoe Competition!

Hand painted bridal shoes for our competition winner in America! 

You know those shoe competitions we run on Facebook to give our lovely followers the chance to win a pair of wedding shoes? Well here's the pair we hand painted for a very special lady in America. 

When we run a competition on Facebook we pick the winner at random so of course we don't know the circumstances of the bride and have no idea what the bride would like painted onto her shoes. What makes this pair special is the brides Mother entered the competition for her daughter and as we emailed back and forth finalising the designs for the shoes we got to chatting. The brides life and indeed the entire families life has been particularly difficult. I read some of the emails with my jaw dropped in awe of how they have pulled together and supported one another through their hardships. I felt humbled and grateful I was able to meet this astounded Mother of the Bride. A pair of bridal shoes certainly cannot fix the world or ease suffering but I was so glad I could help create something special for their big day. 

Hand painted bridal shoes personalised with silver hearts and diamantes

The design for the shoes was quite simple. Hearts were painted on the shoes in silver and diamantes added to make the design 'pop'. I was also asked to write the bride and grooms names on the shoes as well as the wedding date, which is pretty standard in most of our designs now. The shoes were brought from Rainbow Club which you can find on line or John Lewis stock the shoes if you would like to try them on before purchasing. 

Like with all of our shoes we will take professional photographs of the shoes to keep with your wedding album and here are a few of them to have a look at. Once the shoes were painted the Mother of the Brides reaction brought a little tear to me eye. I love my job and emails and little praise like this one makes me love it even more. 

"Gemma, I just received Brandy's shoes! They are far more beautiful than words can describe. I am forever indebted to you for giving my daughter her dream. You are an amazing artist. Not only will the shoes allow me to enjoy your incredible artwork, but will be a forever reminder of a very special gift from an amazing lady, whom I have never met, and lives half a world away. And yet, I feel I know you so well. To my newest Angel on Earth, Gemma, I will always treasure you. Thank you so, so much"

For future competitions keep any eye out on our Facebook page and it could be you who we customise the shoes for! 

Silver hearts painted on a pair of Rainbow Club wedding shoes 

Wedding shoes personalised with silver hearts and diamantes for Brandy and Michael, our lovely competition winners! 

Personalised wedding shoes for a gorgeous bride in America who intends to play the shoe game with these very shoes! 

Diamantes bridal shoes hand painted by us! 

White silk bridal shoes customised silver hearts