Top tips to surviving the dancefloor at your wedding!

We've all been there on nights out when it gets to optimum dancing time when the DJ has really warmed up and banging out the tunes you just have to dance to but alas your feet are screaming at you, you're too drunk so just have to sway to the beat instead of throwing your trade mark shapes, you need a wee, you're stuck at the bar, you stuck talking to a drunk friend or helping a drunk friend........... and the list goes on! But all these problems that thwart your dancing genius are on normal nights out. These nights you know are going to happen again in the future however what happens when these things happen on your wedding day? I don't know about you but when I get married I want to be the first and last on the dance floor. So how do you make sure you can dodge these problems and remember your wedding reception as a fun and dance filled evening? We asked a few wedding experts for some tips: 

1. Consider an evening wedding dress to slip into just before the dancing starts. There's nothing worse than having a heavy gown weighing you down. There's also the problem if you have a long dress, you or other guests may stand on the hem or train. It doesn't have to be expensive, there's so many cute little dresses that if you dress up a little are perfect for an evening bridal dress. 

2. Hydrate throughout the day and eat little and often. Lethargy from the wedding breakfast could ruin any attempts to show off your 'Step Up' moves. Eating little and also drinking water to every glass of alcohol will make sure you are still standing to dance. 

Comfy and painted wedding Vans for happy toes and souls. 

3. Comfy Shoes. Yes, I know I know, we are a shoe vendor and we hand painted wedding shoes for a living hence why I would write about comfy flat wedding shoes but it really was mentioned by our wedding experts. I'm all about comfort so if my feet are happy, I'm happy. Vans, Toms or converse, or even flat ballet pumps will ensure you are stumbling about in huge platforms if you're not a high heel kind of girl. Alternatively kick off your shoes but form experience at a wedding when a glass was smashed on the dance floor by accident I had no choice but to put my punching, uncomfortable shoes back on. Sad feet equaled myself sitting on the side lines of the dance floor watching everyone else having fun. Sad face. Not what you want on your own big day. (And of course wouldn't it be fun to get the flat wedding shoes personalised!) lol. 

Why not have some comfy back up shoes personalised to wear under or with your dress to enable to you dance the night away? 

These wedding Vans were hand painted with purple writing to match the colour scheme. 

Comfy flat bridal Vans custom painted with doves and the brides name and wedding date. 

4. Don't scrimp on the DJ or band. Music is so important to the wedding if you want everyone up and dancing. iPod playlists may seem like a good idea to save a bit money but what if the dance floor goes flat and needs a tune to lift the mood and start up the dancing again? What if the dance floor is getting too out of hand? Trust me it can happen. I was at a wedding a few years ago and the band launched into a rendition of  Nirvana's 'Smells like teen spirit' and the men on the dance floor in their beer filled enthusiasm started moshing, a guy sent me flying head first into the bands drum kit and ended up in a mess of band members, guitars and myself all over the floor and one broken guitar pedal. I digress. A more chilled out song was needed after that but once the band had recovered from the full they went straight back into a rowdy crowd pleasing 'Sex on Fire' by the Kings of Leon which sent most people to the bar or back to their seats in fear of getting thrown about. 

5. Think about hiring some dancers to begin the dancing. Okay, okay I admit this sounds a little extravagant but again I can speak from personal experience about this. This year I went to an Indian wedding where around 60% of the guests were English so when the music started we ignorantly didn't have any idea how to dance to it. THEN the professional Bhangra dances swept elegantly onto the dance floor and began to teach us. It's the most fun I've had at a wedding and it meant that every guest all got up to dance without that initial shy, awkward period where people feel they need to be drunk before dancing. The bride and groom had hired them just for an hour and once everyone had got the hang of it they left the dance floor but no one else did. 

Do you have any tips for our readers about wedding music, dance floors and survival tack ticks? Please post below, we;d love to hear what you think.