Pretty Much the Most Random Wedding Shoes in the World

Hand Painted Doctor Who and Phantom of the Opera Themed Wedding Shoes?! But hey! See it for yourself, the shoes are gorgeously unique and in our top ten favourite shoes we've ever painted. 

Hand Painted Doctor Who and Phantom of the Opera with red roses wedding shoes. 

This is what our concept at Gemma Kenward Shoes is all about, amalgamating our brides passions, quirks and hobbies altogether to create a pair of bridal shoes that can make the your special day even more personal to you. 

The bride approached us a few months ago and asked if we could paint a Tardis on the back of her shoes, which of course we jumped at the chance of doing because we LOVE Doctor Who. Then she asked would it be possible to incorporate the Phantom of the Opera mask onto her bridal shoes. Again, something we agreed upon and loved to do but once we thought about it we wondered how on earth will those two themes work together?! 

Hand Painted Red and Blue Bridal Shoes with a Tardis Painted on the Heels! 

As you can see from the photo's we embedded the Tardis in with red roses on the shoes and then hand painted ribbons to bring it all together with the Phantom of the Opera mask. I won't prattle on much more as you can see for yourself how the customised shoes turned out. Soooo original and proof that we can in fact paint anything on your personalised wedding shoes.

As random as your request may sound, or if you haven't quite decided what you would like, or how your ideas will all fit together, just drop us a line on our enquiry page or email us at and we will be able to help. We are more than happy to discuss any ideas you have and sketch you up some doodles so you can envisage your wedding shoes. 


Personalised Wedding Shoes with Red Roses and the Tardis! Doctor Who Style!

Customised Doctor Who and Phantom of the Opera Wedding Shoes.