She sells sea shells on the sea shore and hand painted wedding shoes too.

Hand Painted Wedding Shoes with palm trees and the beach. 

Customised sea shells painted on a pair of wedding shoes

A few years ago I was asked to paint a Pride of Bournemouth Lion. For everyone who doesn't live in Bournemouth you may have seen a similar project happening in your local town with gorillas or rhinos or even giant Gromit's in London.

The premise was lots of local artists gathered to paint life size lion statues which were then scattered around Bournemouth for children to spot the lions on a trail around Bournemouth during the school holidays. There was also lots of other fun activities for kids to do. Local schools and play groups came to visit us in the studio where were painting the lions. The lions were then auctioned off for the charities Born Free and Julia’s House. It was such a pleasure and honour to be asked to paint the lions and I enjoyed every minute of it, even when I was laying on my back underneath my lion tickling his tummy with my paintbrush. Since art college it was nice to be in the company of artists again, to bounce ideas off one another and just generally work with some company, being an artist is a lonely job sometimes.

Bespoke Hand Painted Wedding shoes Customised With Shells, Waves and Sand 

Hand Painted Bridal Shoes with Shells, Palm Trees and Seahorses

Yellow and Blue Hand Painted Bridal Shoes

Personalised Painted Wedding Shoes with names, dates and shells 

An artist who was painting her lion alongside mine was especially inspiring and we were on the same painting schedule. She loved ABBA and often blared it out if we were on our own in the ‘lions den’. The lion she was painting was a celebration of Bournemouth beach adorned with deckchairs and waves and lots and lots of shells. So when I had an enquiry from a bride wanting a pair of hand painted shoes that pays homage to the seaside specifically asking for shells I was instantly transported back to painting in the studio with Carol Childs. This pair of hand painted shoes were so nice to paint on, the lines flowed, the paint behaved itself and the shells looked exactly how I wanted them to turn out. There is also seahorses hand painted on the backs of the shoes in the depths of the sea on the heels and palm trees further along the beach playing with the seashells. 

Hand Painted sea side shoes for a beach wedding.

The backs of the hand painted wedding shoes are my favorite.

The large shell topped by the date of the wedding really 'pop's with the natural colours of the paint and the graduation of shades. Not to blow my own trumpet but I adore how these shoes came out. 

Thank you so much to Claire who asked me to paint her shoes. She was a pleasure to speak with as we hashed out the plans and drafts for the shoes and thank you for asking me to paint such a colourful and interesting pair of hand painted wedding shoes.