Camper Van Hand Painted Wedding Shoes zoom across the south coast!

Colourful and fun hand painted wedding shoes for a glorious summer wedding

We have been so excited about sharing these shoes with all our readers and followers, almost as excited as we are were to paint them. 

When Emma approached us about painting her wedding shoes she had a clear idea of what she would like and her words 'fun' and 'colourful' jumped out at us. As we delved deeper into what Emma would like painted onto her wedding shoes there was another word mentioned that got us even more eager to stop talking and start painting 'Voltswagon campervan'. 

Hand Painted wedding Sarah Janes Shoes with campervans, hearts, names and date of the wedding.

Hand Painted Wedding Shoes with lime green rolling hills and orange Campervans

We are based on the south coast and our studio boasts gorgeous views over the sea so naturally we are a very surfy lot and of course surfing and campervans go together like peas and carots! We've even traveled in a few campervans for weddings as they are increasingly the new uber cool method of transport for weddings. 
Customising wedding shoes with VW campervans and hearts is right up our street and  this was the first pair of sarah janes we've hand painted on the strap too. 
We adore the outcome of the shoes so much and are chuffed with being asked to create a pair of colourful and fun bespoke wedding shoes. We personalised the shoes with lime greens, orange, yellow, fuscia pink, and purple  tying all the colours in with the campervans and rolling hills and sand dunes that go hand in hand when you are in surf of the ultimate wave. 

Wedding shoes hand painted with orange campervans and hearts on lime green grass

Hand Painted wedding Sarah Jane Shoes with camper vans, with pink, purple, lime green, orange and yellow hearts 

Emma also asked us to customise her shoes further by hand painting on her three sons names. We love typography, it is in fact something that we enjoy most about sketching out the shoes and something Gemma learnt how to master through designing tattoos. The typography on these shoes we executed in yellow with black outlines and decided not the keep the type uniform like we do with the majority of our bespoke shoes. We felt it lent itself better to the fun dynamics of the shoes. 

Fun Hand Painted Wedding shoes with campervans

Customised Hand  Painted Wedding shoes with campervans and hearts