For all you Kings of Leon Fans Out There......

Hand Painted wedding shoes with Kings of Leon Lyrics 

I've been to see the Kings of Leon twice and for those of you who have seen them live you'll know what I mean when I say you can feel that Jared Followill's bass riffs vibrate through your very soul and swoon just a little over Jared's brother, Caleb singing out to you. Imagine how it would feel standing watching them at a gig knowing you were dancing or indeed danced your first dance with your husband to one of The Kings of Leon iconic songs? 

That's exactly what one of our brides did. Not only that but she had her shoes painted with the lyrics! We've had Metallica lyrics, now we have painted The Kings of Leon, two of our favorite bands. The Lyrics were from The Kings of Leon song 'Wait For Me'. 

Sarah also asked us to paint her satin white wedding shoes with musical notes and intertwine ivy in with the design. The navy writing on the shoes contrasted perfectly with the green ivy and the soft flow of the music staves along the side of the shoes and round to the heels. 

I must credit Sarah's Photographer Andy Judson and you can find his work on his website: Hes certainly captured the elegance of the customised shoes. Insert smiley face.

Hand Painted wedding shoes personalised with Kings of Leon Lyrics, Ivy and Music notes

Customised wedding shoes with Kings of Leon Lyrics, Ivy and Music notes

Hand Painted Rainbow Club Wedding Shoes with Kings of Leon lyrics and musical notes 

Andy Hudson photographed Sarah's Hand Painted Wedding Shoes