Dresses, wedding rings, stripes and humbugs!

 Intricately designed hand painted wedding shoes with a stripey twist

Hand painted black and white stripey wedding shoes with paper flowers. 

When this bride approached us about designing her wedding shoes she had an extremely clear idea of what she wanted. It was great! As much as we enjoy designing the shoes from scratch, batting ideas back and forth with the customer, it's also a challenge to realize a brides clear vision of what she had envisaged down to every last detail. 

The hand painted wedding shoes include all sorts of tributes to her special day. Most importantly the black and white stripes were a theme throughout the shoes. I particularly love the black and white bridesmaid dresses which are painted on the inside of one of the shoes. The brides dress is painted on the inside of the other shoe. 

Black and white hand painted wedding shoes on ivory satin.

The flowers which features heavily on the shoes were taken from a photograph the bride had sent us. The bouquet is made out of paper brooches. We love stylized flowers and the white on the ivory fabric of the shoes brings a tonal element contrasted the black as well. Having the flowers encroach on heel into the dominating stripes also made us swoon. How great does that look?!?! Fabulous! 

Black and white hand painted wedding Mary Janes. 

On the outsides are illustrations of the bride and groom, champagne glasses, her wedding ring all coupled with their names and dates of the wedding. She also asked us to hand paint 'I Do' on the back of the shoes. 

So if you have a clear idea of what you would your wedding shoes to include, no matter how detailed or simple just show us. Often we've had brides and grooms draw us a sketch to show us what they would like there. We promise we won't laugh or mock poor artistry - after all that's what we're here for to supply the creativity! We're not mind readers and sometimes it's hard to express exactly what you would like in words alone. Pictures are always welcome too. The bride for these shoes sent us lots of pictures of all the things we hand painted on her bridal shoes. 

It really was a pleasure to paint these shoes because of the detail and originally idea. It was also very different for us to illustrate the brides paper and brooch bouquet as it helped the design of the shoes flow. We also had to sneak in a few musical notes and stave as we have a musical background we love to doodle these symbols onto shoes. 

Black and white customised wedding shoes with wedding ring and wedding cake - Fantastic black and white wedding cake creation! 

Hand painted wedding shoes with a black and white stripey heel. 

Hand painted wedding shoes with humbug sweets, musical notes and flowers - can you spy the gorgeous brides wedding dress?