Hand Painting Wedding Shoes with Pink Butterflies

Pretty Painted Wedding Shoes Intertwined with dusky pink butterflies and Diamantes

Hand Painted Wedding shoes with pink butterflies

Hand painting wedding shoes with pink butterflies is nothing out of the ordinary for us, in fact we've painted so many now and gets lots of enquiries about them we thought they deserved their own blog post.

Pink butterflies, green butterflies, blue butterflies, yellow, orange; it's a butterfly lovers dream in our studio some days! Especially when we are asked for diamantes and glitter to be put onto the shoes as well. This pretty pair of pink wedding shoes were painted on an ivory satin/silk fabric from Rainbow Club and boast names dates and all things wedding intertwined with all of the dusky pink butterflies.

These pair of shoes were a rush job. Not that we by any means rushed painted them but the deadline to get them sent back to the bride for her final dress fitting was quite tight but we managed it with lots of late nights, coffee, cups of tea and early morning painting too, with time to spare! We had the drafts of the hand painted shoes drawn up and approved in one day and started work on them immediately. The names of the bride and groom are painted down the side and the dates are painted on the other with 'I Do' hand painted on the soles of the shoes. 

Personalised painted wedding shoes with butterflies, dates and names

We delivered the custom painted wedding shoes first class and the bride was astonished we completed them so quickly, even complete with the protective lacquer we coat the shoes in to make sure they are waterproof and protected for the wedding day and beyond. Yes, beyond! We often hear back from our brides saying they are wearing their shoes out on a date night with their hubby or for their anniversary.

So that's our butterfly shoes in a nut shell. Of course our services aren't restricted to butterflies as you'll see as you venture around our website but we do love the us some butterflies. 

Hand Painted Rainbow Club Satin Wedding Shoes

Hand painted bridal shoes for a pink themed wedding

Custom painted wedding shoes with dusky pink butterflies and diamantes