Hand Painted bridal shoes with matching bridesmaid shoes

Hand painted wedding shoes with lilac hearts and diamantes.

Liliac hearts and diamantes hand painted onto satin white shoes

Hand painted lilac wedding shoes with hearts

It's quite rare for us to hand paint sling back shoes as you can probably tell from all of the photo's of shoes with back on them. When we do get a pair of sling backs through from a bride it throws up a bit of a creative conundrum. Obviously there's not enough space as there would be if we could paint down the heels and round the backs but also what about the strap? Do we paint it or do we leave it? In this instance we left it and we also asked the bride if she would like the heels to be painted with those lovely lilac hearts, swishes and flourishes of colour and diamantes? She said perhaps leave it blank, which we did and we're glad we did over wise I think it would have been a bit overkill of the lilac and the hearts.

There is accents of black on this pair of hand painted wedding shoes and we painted both sides too, just for more coverage and we felt the shoes lend themselves to it.

Consequently we are going to be painting the brides bridesmaid shoes however seeing as the bridesmaid is only little we are waiting until nearer the time so her feet don't grow!

Personalised wedding soes hand painted with lilac purple hearts and diamantes

Sling back wedding shoes painted with hearts 

Lilac purple hand painted wedding sling backs