Na Na Na Na Na Na Batman! Wedding Shoes

Custom painted wedding batman shoes. 

Comic Book Fan? Then these hand painted wedding shoes are not to missed 

Hand painted wedding batman shoes in Burgundy, White and Cream

Alternative weddings and personalised wedding accessories go hand in hand because I imagine it must be very hard to buy some of the big wedding things, like dresses and suits that reflect your alternative theme - or even an accent of something 'different' to reflect your personality. I'm a huge fan of Rock n Roll Bride because the premise is so unique and I myself am an alternative type of person, brought up on comic books and Doctor Who. I was always the one with the black nail varnish and dark eye makeup, I think there was even a purple lipstick phase as one point. I used to be and still am a rock chick at heart and a bit of a geek. In fact that Wheetus song 'Teenage Dirtbag'..... you remember the one 'I'm just a teenage dirtbag, baby'  ♪ ♫ ♬ I really do feel that song was written for my teenage years. So when I am approached by a bride who wants something a little more different I'm thrilled, especially when it includes my favourite superhero. Of. All. Time!  

Hand painted personalised wedding shoes with Batman symbols, stripes and flowers 

Hand painting a pair of custom wedding shoes with flowers and batman symbols on was so great, as you can see from the pictures they're simple and understated in burgundy but also they weren't painted for a girly girl. Flowers don't have to be girly, right?

Batman shoes custom painted for a Cyprus wedding

There are also accents of cream in there to accentuate the white of the personalised shoes as well as the names and the location the bride was getting married in Cyrpus. We painted these shoes quite a long time ago but I have a feeling they were fast tracked shoes too as the wedding date was fast approaching. 

This also a perfect example of the service we offer to our brides after their bespoke wedding shoes are painted. We have professional pictures taken of their shoes and will send them to you to keep for your wedding album. We know a lot of wedding photographers will take a picture of your shoes for you, which is great but we offer this service to compliment your order. 

Hand painted bespoke wedding shoes custom painted with batman symbols and burgundy flowers 

Wedding court shoes customised with Batman symbols and non-girly flowers