Bring the Sunny Seaside to Your Wedding

Hand Painted Sunny Seaside for Your Beach Themed Wedding 


Hand painted wedding shoes with a beach and wave theme.

Here at Gemma Kenward Shoes we are based down by the seaside. Although not so sunny of late with all those terrible storms that battered the south coast but the promise of sunshine is on the horizon and we wanted to share with you a few ideas to bring some of that glorious sun and laid back beach life to your wedding. 

A beachy-fied wedding doesn't necessarily mean flip flops or bare feet. Whilst we are the first to discard our shoes and socks in favour of some flip flops when the sun shines we believe a wedding is the time for your feet and shoes to show off. Of course that's our ethos because we are wedding shoe vendors after all! 

Today we are going to show you two completely different shoes. A pair you may have seen before showcased in a blog last year and a brand new pair with the same beach theme but with completely different results. So lets start with the brand new pair.

Custom wedding shoes hand painted with blue stylized waves and white writing. 

Personalised wedding shoes hand painted with waves to fit a beach theme. 

To me the beach means waves. Probably because I spent most of my teen years (and twenties aaaand now thirties) surrounded by surfers who are obsessed with water and surfing. I have spent quite a few years trying to perfect sketches of the perfect wave and I've found that stylizing the wave works best. And you can't get more stylized than this pair of shoes! The bride had a clear idea of what she wanted on the shoes down to every last detail, she even drew me out a sketch to help me along the way of designing. The bride also asked me to buy the shoes for her, something which we don't usually do here at Gemma Kenward Shoes just in case they don't fit. However in this instance we sourced the shoes for the bride, mainly because there simply are no blue shoes out there in the style she wanted. Even we couldn't find any and we have lots of suppliers and means to buying shoes. So how did we overcome this shoe challenge? We hand painted a pair of white platform wedding shoes in a base colour of blue and built up the design from there. So a little tip for future customers out there - we can paint the shoes for you if you can't find the right colour you are looking for and the effect is fantastic and a great canvas to then paint the finer details on. They are also painted with the bride and grooms name and dates of the wedding. They also have the grooms initials painted on the soul of the shoes and their marital name painted carefully on the thin heels. 



The other custom painted wedding shoes have more of a subtle beach theme. They are simply painted with a soft blue stripe to match a lot of other stripes that featured heavily throughout the day i.e. runners for the tables, invitations and the table plan. 

Soft blues painted onto a pair of wedding shoes for a beach theme wedding.