Three colours to make your Wedding Day go KA-POW!

Colour Schemes, Coordination and Some Arty Wonderings About my Fabulous Customers.

Genius colour schemes for wedding shoes are the key, I reckon. 

Yesterday I was asked how I learnt my trade. Is a creative streak something you can learn?

I've always preached that I could teach anyone to draw given the time and patience. Painting comes from drawing, anyone who can draw can paint. I was never taught how to paint properly, I don't have a clue what colours to use as highlights (apparently it's blue! Who knew!) or base colours and building up a canvas, I just have an idea in mind and go for it because the thing is I know I'm never going to win the Turner Prize or get a piece of artwork into the annual RCA Summer Show, I just want to create something aesthetically pleasing my customers want to hang on their wall. So what makes my hand painted shoe business suddenly so successful? Of course there's the obvious: determination, people skills, customer service etc etc but what sets the shoes I paint apart from others? Talent and my ability to draw are some other obvious points but I suddenly realized what makes the shoes go POP and the colours sing in the photographs I take - it's you! All my lovely customers.

Blue, cream and white hand painted wedding shoes 

Well, in actual fact it's a combination of me and you. I'm a lover of line drawing but also I know for a fact what makes a painting or a hand painted pair of shoes is the colour and the millions of combinations of colours. If a piece of artwork doesn't seem quite right to me when I stand back and assess my handiwork I know it's down to colour. I am extremely blessed I haven't yet had a bride approach me about a pair of shoes to hand paint with a colour scheme that won't work. 


These shoes look so comfortable and delicate. The leather was so soft and a dream to paint on 

The back of the shoes 'Mrs. Bosley ~ Established 12th December 2014' What a fantastic idea to have on the shoes. 

Blue and white bridal shoes personalised with lyrics and flowers 

These particular shoes were asked to be painted in sapphire blue with hints of white on the cream canvas of the leather shoes. The bride also wanted her name the grooms name on the side with the other shoe personalised with lyrics from the song of their first dance -

'I'll wear this smile you gave me always, I'll wear it so contagiously all day'. - lyrics hand painted delicately on the shoes.

The bride also said to me she wasn't overly girly so when I mentioned flowers I think she thought 'Oh god', but they work without being too feminine. I think that's what makes the shoes stand out in the colour of sapphire blue against a smooth creamy leather. Pretty shoes but not too frilly to suit the brides personality.