Pink and white wedding shoes

A medley of Pink and White Wedding Shoes

Pink and white hand painted wedding shoes for a bride in Somerset.

These are the long awaited competition winners shoes for a summer wedding in 2014. Hand painting these shoes I had two considerations. Pink and white is the wedding's colour scheme and also include lots and lots of butterflies. Anyone who knows me knows drawing butterflies is my specialty so when the bride mentioned flurries of butterflies on the wedding shoes. I knew it was meant to be. I suggested a slight contrast of light grey beside the pink and white as the couple are quite young and I thought it may add a contemporary twist. 

The Big Day and Your Hand Painted Wedding Shoes  

The bride and groom are getting married in Somerset in 2014 and I can't wait to see the photographs from their special day. I will have to be patient but in the meantime I can share the photographs I took of the hand painted shoes.  

When it comes to your big day I really do recommend you ask the photographer to take a picture of your wedding shoes whether they are hand painted or not. They make for a classy shot especially if you intend to use the photographs to submit to wedding bloggers to write about or a magazine to cover (as is the trend of the past few years).  

The hand painted shoes are very durable as they covered with a thin water proof layer but of course I wouldn't recommend splashing about in puddles in them - a little rain won't hurt them though. Unfortunately having fabulous shoes for your wedding day won't guarantee fabulous weather. if they did I'd definitely charge extra. Ha ha! 

After the wedding the shoes are a perfect keepsake for you and also a gentle reminder to the groom of your anniversary date! If it were me I'd even go as far as popping them into a box frame to display on a shelf or wall. 

Pink and white butterflies on spring competition winner.

A touch of grey within the pink and white on hand painted shoes for a wedding in 2014.