Personalised Wedding Toms

Hand painted Wedding Toms 

Hand painted wedding Toms  

I am often asked by my customers 'Can we hand paint flat shoes?' Yes we can! And here's the fruits of the last months sketching, painting and personalising on a pair of Toms for two beautiful brides in Winchester. The personal Toms are a perfect shoes to dance the night away in comfort at your wedding reception. 

Bridal Toms are the perfect surprise gift for your special day.

These hand painted Toms are available in any personalized design that you specify to us that combine intricately detailed patterns, bright colors and the your preferences that match your relationship and special day. This particular pair of Toms were hand painted to match their vintage theme taken from the happy couples wedding invitations. They were also a surprise for Jess from her Lauren which was a great idea for a wedding gift on their big day.  Lauren and I had great fun plotting and planning the shoes whilst keeping it a secret from an inquisitive Jess. 


Bridal Toms illustrated for the big wedding day

Hand painted Wedding flats with a personal touch

Personalised Wedding Toms