What's on your Christmas List This Year?

Hand Painted Converse for Christmas Gift Ideas

'All I want for Christmas is.......a pair of hand painted, customised Converse!'

I know, I know, it's far too early to be thinking about Christmas.......... Or is it? I already have a mental list of gifts I'd like to get loved ones for Christmas this year and I'm sure most of us are pondering upon the logistics Christmas throws at us each year.  


It's also around this time of year we start getting enquiries from customers about paintings to give as gifts to loved ones. Low and behold this year we are getting the same enquiries for paintings but also for hand painted shoes. What better way to surprise a friend or family member with a pair of unique shoes customised just for them with the added bonus of thoughtful touches to the design that illustrates their personality perfectly? For our male readers and followers, think of the brownie points you'll earn when your other half tears off the wrapping paper of their present to find a pair of shoes delicately hand painted with all the little quirks that you love about them. If they love horses here at Gemma Kenward Shoes we can paint horses on them, if they are obsessed with a certain rock band we can paint song lyrics or the bands logo. If they have a favourite dress with an unusual print we can paint a matching pair of shoes or even a bag! Basically we can paint anything and add the unique Gemma Kenward style to them too so anyone who knows their shoes can see they are a Gemma Kenward original. If you're stuck for ideas drop us a line and we can help you find the right design to suit the lucky loved one who's receiving the gift - shoes@gemmakenwardshoes.com.  

Customised Converse 

The shoes in the pictures featured in this blog are a pair of Converse hand painted for a sixteenth birthday present

Her sister (who, subsequently we painted the wedding shoes for her special day last year) asked me to paint musical notes with some funky flowers. She also stipulated red, blues and purples for the customised Converse but then the rest was up to us. We included an 'A' for her name and a '16' to mark the milestone birthday on the flat pair of Converse. 

So you see, they really do make a heart felt and thoughtful present. But please note we will get busy, very quickly with Christmas orders as they are already flooding in. So please enquire now to avoid disappointment in December.  

Hand Painted Converse customised for a 16th birthday. 

Customised Converse