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Personalized hand painted shoes for weddings and special occasions

Beautifully hand painted wedding and occasion shoes by award winning artist Gemma Kenward. 

The Perfect Wedding

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With this blog I wanted to start creating moodboards for inspiration for future brides. What better way to start the moodboard trend by putting together some pictures of what I envisage my wedding to be. don't like fuss and I definitely don't want a big affair with lots of guests. It's just not me. I'd rather just a simple ceremony on a moody sky-ed beach somewhere with close friends with us to celebrate the day. I really can't see myself compromising for my big day. My family have been through so much emotionally that a big lavish 'do' would seem impersonal. It helps my other half is a surfer-dude too. He'd love a wedding on a beach somewhere.


As for the dress and shoes well!.......hat's where the fuss comes in (she says with a mischievous grin.) Until recently I always thought I'd want a slinky, sexy dress or even perhaps a 1950's dress with a cinched waist and a full knee length skirt. That's until I stumbled across some pictures of full length skirts with a shabby almost sullied material. Fashions change of course but I do like the idea of a dirty white wedding dress. I've never looked great in white anyway.  

It might be a long while off before I tie the knot but a girl can dream, can't she?