Hand Painting Wedding Shoes with Pink Butterflies

Hand painting wedding shoes with pink butterflies is nothing out of the ordinary for us, in fact we've painted so many now and gets lots of enquiries about them we thought they deserved their own blog post.

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She sells sea shells on the sea shore and hand painted wedding shoes too.

Thank you so much to Claire who asked me to paint her shoes. She was a pleasure to speak with as we hashed out the plans and drafts for the shoes and thank you for asking me to paint such a colourful and interesting pair of hand painted wedding shoes. 

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Camper Van Hand Painted Wedding Shoes zoom across the south coast!

Colourful and fun hand painted wedding shoes for a glorious summer wedding

We have been so excited about sharing these shoes with all our readers and followers, almost as excited as we are were to paint them

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Dresses, wedding rings, stripes and humbugs!

The hand painted wedding shoes include all sorts of tributes to her special day. Most importantly the black and white stripes were a theme throughout the shoes. I particularly love the black and white bridesmaid dresses which are painted on the inside of one of the shoes. The brides dress is painted on the inside of the other shoe. 

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Could this be the ultimate wedding present?

We might have cracked it for you! Just lately we have had an influx of orders for hand painted wedding shoes as presents.

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Pink and white wedding shoes

The bride and groom are getting married in Somerset in 2014 and I can't wait to see the photographs from their special day. I will have to be patient but in the meantime I can share the photographs I took of the hand painted shoes.  

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