Gemma Kenward Shoes

Personalized hand painted shoes for weddings and special occasions

Beautifully hand painted wedding and occasion shoes by award winning artist Gemma Kenward. 

Always Doodling Shoes

Always Doodling Shoes

Tardis and phantom of the opera wedding shoes 

It isn't very often when I'm not doodling in some capacity or other. doodle when I'm on the phone, I have a sketch when I'm out and about and I'm always on the look out for a mental snapshot to remember until I can get home to my sketchbook. I even draw in the sand when I'm down the beach, leveling out the sand so I can draw with my fingers and fingernail. 

Purple flowers on a pair of court wedding shoes 

t seemed like a natural progression to go from ornate tattoo designs to personalized shoes. The curls, swirls and flicks I draw lend themselves to the hand drawn/painted typography for the shoes. I have a fascination with typography too, not digitally created type but hand drawn, perfect lettering and words. I have sketchbooks full of the letters, numbers and names. 

To bring in the weddingy and shoesy angle I've included a few sketches of shoes I have drawn for brides before staring painting the shoes. It shows the process from start to finish, especially if you have a sneaky peak at the 'Shoe Gallery' too.

You oand Me Always and Forever pink flowers on a pair of wedding shoes as illustrated drafts