Gemma Kenward Shoes

Personalized hand painted shoes for weddings and special occasions

Beautifully hand painted wedding and occasion shoes by award winning artist Gemma Kenward. 

The Personal Wedding Touch


I've worked in and out of the wedding industry for a good few years now. Ornate design and weddings go hand in hand and after a few haphazard yet successful furores into printed wedding stationary I have finally settled on a more personal approach. It is far more tactile, organic and (deep breath) cost effective than traipsing back and forth to a printers to finalize samples and then be stumped with a huge whacking great bill at the end (only because you have the word 'wedding' in the job title, so true of most things 'wedding'). Of course some printing throughout the wedding process is essential. Writing and painting one hundred plus 'Save The Date' cards is going to be a tedious job even for the most patient of brides or artists. 


The invitation themselves I would recommend having printed. and then put a personal twist on them once they are delivered. I've sat many a night sticking on diamant├ęs to wedding invitations or tying ribbon into plush paper and card. I remember hand-painting over fifty Hen Party invitations once. Each one was a water colour of a rowdy group of chickens in a pub bar. I swore after, if I had to paint one more chicken I'd scream but the 'Hen' was so thrilled with them and for that, it was worth while. For my best friends wedding I invited all of the bridesmaids to help me stick on diamant├ęs on the wedding invitations with the promise of wine and a take-a-way. Effective and it gave us a chance to get to know one another before the hen weekend. 


I can also suggest something else which is quite sneaky. If you have a creative friend or even a friend with decorative hand writing you have always admired why not ask them to write some of the wedding stationary for you. More and more brides are asking for something  more bespoke, something different, something which is personalized to them. Its adds a fabulous finishing touch and can be executed across the board. I hand wrote place names, table names, table plans and personalized children's goodie bags for a Bride and Groom getting married in Italy and it suited their theme fabulously. If you don't have an arty friend to help steer you in the right direction I'm sure if you approachable a local artist (or me, he he!) they will be happy to help you for a small fee. Us artists also like to be paid in Jack Daniels, don't you know! 

Images provided by Sweet Dream Events