Gemma Kenward Shoes

Personalized hand painted shoes for weddings and special occasions

Beautifully hand painted wedding and occasion shoes by award winning artist Gemma Kenward. 

The Epiphany Moment

I have always been a lover of shoes although (scratches head and peers into my wardrobe) I don't actually own many pairs but I certainly oohh and ahhhh at shoes through shop windows and spend hours on ASOS browsing the shoes. I can even remember tottering about in my mums high heels when I was little, who cared if they didn't fit?! 

A party light-bulb moment

A party light-bulb moment

Painting shoes never occurred to me ntil I was invited to a fancy dress party. What on earth could I go as that required minimum effort on my part but would have a maximum impact amongst all the shop bought and rented 'proper' costumes? Rummaging about in my clothes and drawers I found two things that could aid me in my stubborn quest NOT to visit a fancy dress shop. They are as follows; A red nose from a Comic Relief campaign from too many years ago and a fluffy pair of Monsters Inc. horns I got free with the Disney DVD. So it was decided I would go as a clown. I already had a waist coat and I could very easily borrow a bowler hat from someone. The only part of the outfit which posed a problem was footwear. I couldn't very well muddle my way through the evening in a pair of over-sized clown shoes, not when everyone else would be wobbling about in the perfect heels to complement their obligatory 'sexy' fancy dress outfit. 

I happened across a pair of white peep toe shoes I'd bought for a wedding and that epiphany moment struck. I'd simply paint them bright and bold colors et voila! perfect, dainty clowns feet. I painted one pair with different size spots and the other I painted with stars and both heels I tirelessly adorned with stripes. The shoes were a big hit at the party and soon I was asked to paint friends shoes and friends of friends shoes. 

Unfortunately I no longer have the clown shoes I painted more than three years ago but I have the second pair of shoes I ever painted, as seen in the picture here. They were painted for a friend who I suspect wants to be a Transformer. Luckily for me the closest thing to being an actual Transformer is to walk in Transformer shoes.