Here's what our brides have to say about our hand painted wedding shoes service.

We love hearing from all our brides we have painted shoes for, so if you would like to drop us a line your review is most welcome. Alternatively if you and your shoes would like to be featured in our shoes blog you can submit your photo's to:


  • "Just a quick line to say that my lovely shoes have arrived safely. They're so pretty and just right for our wedding - thank you! Everyone I've shown thought they were lovely, so thanks again for painting them so prettily!" - Bride in UK London

Hand Painted beach theme and shells on a pair of wedding shoes for a sunny wedding abroad 

Hand painted wedding shoes pink poppies

Red roses painted on a pair of white satin and lace wedding shoes. 

Wedding Shoes  hand painted with flowers for the bride a very foxy Mrs. Fox. 

  • "Loved my wedding shoes Painted by Gemma have them on display in the living room, such a beautiful keepsake of a very special day!" Bride in the United States. 
  • "My shoes were the star of the wedding and a very nice keepsake as well. Communication with Gemma was flawless and the design exactly what I wanted. I highly recommend Gemma, she will make your occasion unforgettable. Thanks again Gemma for the amazing shoes xxx"  Bride in the United Kingdom. 
  • "Gemma painted my shoes for my wedding last year and they're exceeded all of my expectations. They were amazing, as was Gemma throughout the design process. We've just moved to a new house and I've finally got room to put them in a display box ..... I took them off in the evening before it got messy so they they wouldn't get ruined" Bride in the United Kingdom. 


  • "Hi Gemma. The shoes are amaaaazing!!! I'm so chuffed. Thank you so much. Sorry it's taken me a while to get back to you. We were in a whirlwind trying to get organised. The wedding is today & i can't wait to wear the shoes! xx" - Bride in London UK.


  • "I was just emailing you!! I received them and i absolutely love them! Really amazing and perfect!! I will recommend you where i can x" Bride in the United Kingdom.


  • "My shoes were absolutely stunning and I had so many compliments, Gemma is a truly unique professional and one day I will find an excuse to have another pair of shoes with her beautiful designs" Bride int he United Kingdom. 


  • "So the shoes got here yesterday! They Look Amazing! All the girls at work love them! Even my fiance loves them! He thinks they are really classy. Thank you so much Gemma. It has been lovely working with you on these shoes, you have been so great to deal with and I'm so glad I made the extra effort to send the shoes over to you in England they are definitely worth it!" Bride in Australia. 


  • "I have just received my shoes....... and ended up bawling my eyes out!!!!! Gemma you are a super uber talented lady.... I loooovvvveeeeee them. They are everything I had hoped for and more. They are perfect." Bride in UK. 

  • "I'm 1000000000% chuffed with my wedding shoes, I don't know how I'm going to last until the wedding date before showing them off. I will be taking lots of pics of them and will forward you one so you can see the full effect of your amazing work of art. You've for me all emosh now!! Haha!! Thank you so much Gemma." - A happy and emotional bride in the UK. 
  • "Love them, love them, love them! Thank you so much, they will be shown off to the max!" - Bride in America, New York


  • "Hi Gemma. I just wanted to say thank you so much for personalizing my Vans for my wedding day. I cannot wait to wear them. I am going to put some different coloured laces in them to match my color scheme. Thanks again. Your work is truly amazing." Bride in New York in America. 


  • "My gorgeous shoes have arrived.  I absolutely love them thank you sooo much." - Bride in the UK


  • "Got a call from my sister today...! She loves them!!!!! Thank you ever so much for another amazing pair of shoes, Gemma." - Bride in the UK

  • "My gorgeous shoes have arrived.  I absolutely love them thank you sooo much." - Bride in Australia, Sydney

  • "I cannot express how absolutely beautiful my shoes are!!! They arrived today, they are so perfect!! Thank you so much, I can't wait to wear them on my wedding day. They are so special." Bride in the UK

Hand painted ivory wedding shoes with daisies and roses . 

Personalised hand painted wedding shoes with purple and pink roses with yellow and gold detailing.

Disney Frozen wedding shoes hand painted with frost and icicles. 

Tartan painted wedding shoes, painted with Brigadoon theme

  • "I received my brides shoes today. I was so excited when I saw the package and was literally jumping up and down and I definitely wasn't disappointed when I opened them. They are amazing! I love them! And Thank you again so so much! I'm so happy with how they turned out." - Bride in Australia


  • "WOW! One word Gemma.... Amazeballs!!!! I love the design Gemma just what I imagined. Thank you thank you thank you!" Bride in the UK. 


  • "Hi Gemma, my wedding shoes are here and they're beautiful! Thank you so much for playing a special part in the big day. I cannot wait to wear them on the big day. Thank you so much. Kindest regards Sarah." Bride in India. 


  • "Hi my wedding shoes were delivered and I am totally blown away!!! I love them so much! You have done an amazing job!! You have made the design even better than I had in my head. Thank you so much. Definitely one of my favourite items I have bought for the wedding. I will treasure them forever. Thank you!" Bride in Dublin Ireland.